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"Janet Marquette - Youth of the Year" and "Janet Barnes - ACE" Awards


Two of our most popular youth projects, were recently renamed in remembrance of two of our members to honor their lives and service to Exchange, are the "Janet Marquette - Youth of the Year Award" which recognizes industrious high school students who have attained high levels of scholastic achievement, community involvement and leadership and our "Janet Barnes - ACE Award" which recognizes outstanding youths that have overcome great difficulty to achieve success in both Life and their academic pursuits.


All awards were funded by Exchange this year. The club received Youth of the Year and ACE applicants from East Baton Rouge Parish public, private, and parochial schools. The top applicants were chosen from those received.


Thanks to all of the school representatives that helped with this project.


Exchange Club of Baton Rouge

2017 Janet M. Marquette Youths of the Month:


               (1)    Madison Hasenkampf … senior at St. Joseph’s Academy

                       Parents:  Stephanie and Jeffrey Hasenkampf

             (2)    Nicholas Abraham … senior at LSU Laboratory School

           Parents:  Kate and Bill Abraham


2017 Janet L. Barnes A.C.E. Award Winners



 (1)    Emily Britt … senior at Runnels High School

        Parents:  Kim and Gary Britt

 (2)    Joshua LeJeune … senior at Catholic High School

Parents:  Jennifer and Ron LeJeune






Several new elementary school teachers in Baton Rouge are adopted each year and provided financial support to purchase start-up materials and supplies for their classrooms. Since 1997, a total of 513 new teachers from 66 different schools have received over $190,655 in gift certificates to School Aids.

This year promises to be the best year ever. Teachers complete applications for
Adopt-A-Teacher funding; a panel of judges from throughout the community reviews the applications as part of the selection and allocation process. Presentations to the newest group of teachers will be made at a meeting of the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board. In addition to the Exchange Club providing substantial funding, this project has been successful as a result of the generous support of other local organizations, businesses and individuals.



2016 Adopted Teachers at the EBR School Board Meeting 

Left to Right:  Frances Gremillion (Dufrocq), Morgan Reech (Shenandoah), Samantha Harris (Bernard Terrace), Linda Vessel (Highland), LaToya Johnson (Bernard Terrace), Laura D’Artois (Magnolia Woods), Caitlin DeKleine (Winbourne), Victoria Soileau (Mayfair), Laura Garcia (Howell Park/Clairborne), Yolanda Williams (Claiborne), and Keith Gauff (Jefferson Terrace).



A Community Service Project of

The Exchange Club of Baton Rouge

With the generous support of the following Partners



School Aids

Neighbors Federal Credit Union

Gerry Lane Enterprises

Capital One Bank

Louisiana Lottery Corporation

Juban Insurance Group

Giraphic Prints LLC

Louisiana Companies

Carco Awards

Top Hat




East Baton Rouge Lions Club

Baton Rouge Area Society of Psychologists

Louisiana Education Loan Authority



Brenda L. Dawson, Ph.D. ● Christine Angelloz, Ph.D.

Darlyne Nemeth, Ph.D. ● Mary Hidalgo

Murelle Harrison, Ph.D. and Gardere Initiative

Connie Bernard


In Memory of Michael Prince

Rebecca & Bill Prince ● Kathy Blackman

Lillian Grossley ● Alma Geathers

Richard M. Flicker, Ph.D. ● Scott & Nadine Couper

Nicole Poche ● Deb Hebert & Dorothy Nall


Sincerest appreciation to Beanka Williams of the EBRP School Board Office


East Baton Rouge Parish School Board website:



Prevent Child Abuse Program


Child abuse prevention has been the primary focus of Exchange Clubs around the United States since 1979. Locally, the Exchange Club of Baton Rouge has partnered with PCAL (Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana) on various projects including: school poster contests; distribution of literature and blue ribbons throughout the community; sponsorship of the "Night of the Child" annual PCAL fundraiser; holding professionally conducted free public seminars on important child rearing and protection issues; and assisting PCAL at their annual statewide conference. Also, donations have been made to the Baton Rouge Child Advocacy Center (which opened in 2002), with a commitment to continue supporting this important program in the future.

PCAL website:



Annual Fishing Rodeo




2015 Annual Fishing Rodeo


An annual Fishing Rodeo is held each Spring for Gulf Coast Social Services (GCTFS), a social services agency serving children with disabilities & foster children is held at Waddill Outdoors Education Center, 4142 North Flannery Road. In addition to the usual prize categories, trophies are awarded for cutest fish, best smelling fish, happiest fish, most unusual catch, etc. Everyone leaves a winner. The fishing rodeo is held in conjunction with GCTFS's annual picnic.

GCTFS website:



Fire Prevention Poster Contest


Partnering with the Baton Rouge Fire Department in an annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest for children in grades K - 5 receive certificates and prizes at the BRFD's annual banquet. An essay contest was begun in 2002 in which students in grades 6-8 compete for U.S. Savings Bonds and other prizes. They also attend the annual banquet.

2012 Fire Prevention Poster Winners


                Inspector Aaron Johnson, Fire Prevention Chief David Sevier and Chief Ed Smith

                                           present the 2012 Fire Prevention Poster Winners

Tai Cook, (Wedgewood Elementary)                   - 3rd Grade

Justice Moore, (Wedgewood Elementary)            - Kindergarten

Ashley Long, (Christian Life Academy)                - 1st Grade

Ranieah Davis, (Wedgewood Elementary)           - 2nd Grade

Tiffani Tran, (Wedgewood Elementary)               - 5th Grade & Overall Runner-Up Winner

Khoa Dang (Wedgewood Elementary)                 - 4th Grade & Overall Winner

Website for the BRFD:



Freedom Shrine


Replicas of over thirty important documents tracing our great nation's history are permanently displayed at the Goodwood Library and the USS Kid Museum in Baton Rouge. More of these educational and patriotic displays are on public display at Baton Rouge Community College's Library. Included in the Freedom Shrine display are the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, Jackson's Letter Describing the Battle of New Orleans, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, John F. Kennedy's "Ask Not ..." Inaugural Address, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a Dream" Speech.



Freedom Shrine Rededication Presentation by Exchange Club of Baton Rouge

at the 9-11 Remembrance at USS Kidd Veterans Memorial



Freedom Shrine in USS Kidd Museum at Baton Rouge


Left to Right: Pat Bartholomew, Mary Gauthier-Lewis, Lillian Grossley, Lizz Sanchez

Kathy Blackman and Richard Flicker.


A virtual Freedom Shrine can be viewed at:





Our "Giveakidaflagtowave" project  is always fun.  At the 2016 Kenilworth Independence Day Parade, the Exchangites rode in a Hummer and walked the route as we gave out 1,500 flags to children along the route. 




The 1,500 flags were donated by Gerry Lane Enterprise.




Gerry Lane:   



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