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2018-2019 Officers & Board


Lillian Grossley


 Richard Flicker  Secretary

Scott Couper



Board of Directors

Nadine Couper

Lizz Sanchez

Kathy Blackman

Alma Geathers

 Mary Gauthier-Lewis


Web-Site Editor

William Prince

L to R:     Richard Flicker, Rebecca Prince, Lillian Grossley,

              Nadine Couper, Kathy Blackman, William Prince,      

              Lizz Sanchez, Alma Geathers, and Scott Couper 

Past Presidents and Exchangites of the Year


Past Presidents
'96-'97 Debra A. Deloian
'97-'98 Dorothy G. Crockett
'98-'99 Richard M. Flicker
'99-'00 Kimberly L. McGee
'00-'01 Rebecca H. Prince
'01-'02 Janet Marquette
'02-'03 Richard M. Flicker
'03-'04 Thereza McCoy
'04-'05 Thereza McCoy
'05-'06 Janet Barnes
'06-'07 Kathy Blackman

'07-'08 Kathy Blackman

'08-'09 Janet Barnes

'09-'10 Lizz Sanchez
'10-'11 Lillian Grossley

'11-'12 Gee McGee

'12-'13 Sou D. Hayes

'13-'14 Mary Gauthier-Lewis

'14-'17 Kathy Blackman

'17-'18 Richard M. Flicker

Exchangites of the Year
'96-'97 Kimberly L. McGee
'97-'98 Richard M. Flicker
'98-'99 Janet Marquette
'99-'00 Sandy Mizell
'00-'01 Thereza McCoy
'01-'02 Bill Prince
'02-'03 Elaine Allen
'03-'04 Myrl Schwarzenburg
'04-'05 Kathy Blackman
'05-'06 Gisele Landry
'06-'07 Lizz Sanchez

'07-'08 Judy Trahan

'08-'09 Gee McGee

'09-'10 Scott Couper

'10-'11 Janet Barnes (Posthumous)

'11-'12 Richard Flicker

'12-'13 Rebecca Prince

'13-'14 Elva Jo Crawford

'14-'15 Michael Prince (Posthumous)

'15-'16 Alma Geathers

'16-'17 Nadine Couper

'17-'18 Kathy Blackman




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